International Language School of Vancouver-Canada




The Pera College is a good school. Friendly and comfortable. Unfortunately I will stay here just 1 month. I hope to study here again.

"Mariana - Brazil"


Pera College is an English language school with Art workshops which are held on Saturdays. I love drawing. That s why I came here. The classroom is nice like we are in an artist s studio. So, I practice drawing at lunch time. I hope the school will have art classess on weekdays absolutely.

" Kazuya - Japan"

It has been my honor to be a student of yours. I learned a lot from you It reminds me that time when I prepared for IELTS in Korea. You are one of my favorite teachers. Not only did you teach me skills for IELTS but also you helped me understand how the sentences mean by explaining, watching YouTube and sometimes through your drawing, which I found helpful. In your classes, I was able to learn many ways to express my opinion. Also, I appreciate your passion for students. You focused on individual students needs by assigning specific tasks which were uniquely customized for each of us.

" Jenny Jiyoon Lee - Korea "

Pera College is like a family it is nice and friendly you are gonna love here, teachers are funny and Friday parties are perfect.

" Shuo Yang - China "



My days in Pera College were so nice! I really enjoyed the classes and activities.I am so happy to have a wonderful and kind teachers and classmates.Thank you!!

" Mayu Kanda - Japan"

I like my school Pera College because the atmosphere in the school is happy and homey. The teachers are so friendly and kind. Also there are students from all around the world. I can make many friends here. I am so glad that I am a student of Pera College.

" Shiori Miura - Japan "

Pera College consist of students from different countries, all of them have full destre to learn English. In my college, it is a policy to speak English Whenever having a conversation. Pera College School activities are made by students. So, if I found any activity that is useful, I can formally introduce it to the school manager.Through these expertise. The people would have a deeper interest in the various actives of the school more than before. The best way to study english is to enjoy "speaking". The Pera College has been enhance their english speaking abilities like dancing, drawing, painting. It s so great.

"Daniel - Korea"

I am very satisfied with the communication class and the TOEFL preparation class that I took. I can see my speaking skills improved a lot from the communication class. Also, from the TOEFL class, my teacher understood our strengths and weaknesses and taught us very well, so I could learn very efficiently. My teacher is the best teacher ever! He is great not only at teaching but also entertaining! He always thinks about how students can enjoy their school. Also, I love the atmosphere. I really thank Pera College for improving my English and giving me the opportunity to meet my best friend and teacher!

" Mao Yamada - Japan"

The teachers at the school are intelligent and kind, it s very easy to make friends because the students at Pera College are friendly.

"Ryo Sato - Japan "

Pera is brilliant and awesome!. -Pera has so many students of other countries. So I m learning english fastly and we can do many activity after finished school.

" Anny - Korea "