International Language School of Vancouver-Canada

Pera College´s Accreditations...

PTIB Designated Program
Pera College is a Class- C designated program approved by Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB).  Language programs at designated/interim designated institutions that are longer than six months or for which tuition is at least $4,000. A language program is defined as a program that has as its learning objective that students gain or improve proficiency in a language.

Languages Canada is the primary organization that awards accreditation to schools delivering high quality language programs in Canada. To become accredited by Languages Canada, an institution is evaluated through a rigorous accreditation process in which the curriculum, teacher qualifications, student services, marketing, facilities, and administration are reviewed against the highest quality standards.

British Columbia´s Education Quality Assurance (EQA)


is Canada´s first and only provincial brand of quality for post secondary education. EQA provides a standard provincial seal that can be recognized globally as a symbol of quality education and consumer protection. Pera College is on the Designation Institution List:

This enables students to apply for a Study Permit of more than 6 months. Our DLI number is: O19238892522