International Language School of Vancouver-Canada

Our Services

Our College provides exceptional support for all our students while they are with us. Our activities are designed to help them socialize and give the opportunity to practice English.


Our staff includes a team of international counselors who can help you and provide you with information in a number of languages.


Student Counseling

Our counseling team supports students through out all stages of their stay in Canada to help develop their academic or professional goals as well as to help make life easier and more comfortable. They are here to guide students during their wonderful journey.

Our Classes

Our qualified instructors use student-centered learning techniques including, pair work, small groups and one-on-one instruction to monitor each student and help them according to their strengths and weaknesses, be that in grammar, speaking, writing, pronunciation, or listening. To support students we have small groups of 8 - 12 per class.

Our Community

Pera College has a very active community that provides real life learning experiences for students. Every week there are activities and trips planned for and sometimes by students in order for them to interact at a school wide level. We also have two student lounges where students can use the kitchen facilities, computers, socialize with their peers, and study. There is always something exciting going on that makes learning not only fun, but also meaningful and memorable.

Housing Option

There are a number of housing options for international students who wish to study at Pera College, including rental apartments, rental rooms, hotels, hostels, and others. However, the best option for international students is homestay, which is when an international student lives with a local host family in their fully furnished home while the student goes to school. This arrangement is very beneficial for students because their needs are taken care of and they get the bonus of being able to practice their language skills by interacting with their host families. Most homestays will provide their guest with a furnished private room and meals. Other amenities will vary from host to host. You might want to explore the availability of internet access, airport pick-up arrangement, room furnishings, and acceptability of house rules, pets, inviting guests, and other details such as fees. Generally, homestay living conditions are a lot cheaper and more convenient than hotels or apartment rentals.