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ielts & toefl exam preparation

the ielts & toefl preparation program at pera college is especially designed to prepare you to successfully overcome the challenges of these exams. pera will do the best to help students get a score of 6.5 on ielts or 88 on toefl ibt; otherwise, students study for free until they pass!

high school preparation

the high school preparation program offers international high school students the opportunity to improve their english through an intensive study of all four english language skills. students learn to communicate effectively in english and study the pertinent english terminology for subjects like math, science, social studies, high school english and the arts, as taught in canadian high schools.

university pathway

pera´s two-level university pathway program prepares students for the challenges of academic life in north america, and transitions them into our partner universities and colleges. the program provides students with ielts & toefl test practice, to achieve entry requirements of north american universities. however, students can enter into our partner schools without writing the ielts or toefl!

winter/summer travel-study

pera college offers short-term travel-study programs to middle and high-school students. students will learn the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, to reinforce and build upon their language abilities. they will also have the opportunity to engage in meaningful extracurricular activities, including tours of vancouver´s prestigious universities.

parent-child study-tour

pera college offers a unique opportunity for parents and children to share in a collective learning experience. pera´s parent-child study-tour caters to the needs and interests of both adults and children. in addition to enjoying our english education programs, participants can partake in specially designed activities and field trips, to fully take in the experience of life in canada.

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